You Were Always Meant to Fly

Zip lines have been at the forefront in the evolution of adventure as it emerges from the wilderness bringing with it the essential elements of risk and challenge repackaged for the thrill seeking masses. With annual income from zip lines estimated to be nearly $200 million in the US and Canada, now is the time to let your dreams take flight.

Getting Started

There are a lot choices to make in the evaluation and design of zip lines.  The right geometry results in efficient, consistent, and controllable zip line acitivities that support sound operations.  We like to start by learning more about your overall vision and specific goals for operating zip lines so we can narrow project scope and identify key systems and components. Click here to learn more about the consistent project cycle adhered to by all Challenge Towers projects.

Canopy Sky Bridge Angle

Remote Project Evaluations

Our design team can help you assess project feasibility and site specific considerations with a digital project survey to help inform your planning process. Our digital site review will deliver a concept proposal that includes a project summary tailored to your goals, using a combination of geodata and satellite imagery to evaluate design possibilities and visualize your project.

Your Journey Begins Here

Whether you're a commercial operation looking for maximum thrills for guests, or a camp looking for recreation and team-building potential, we have the product for you. Select your path and get ready to fly!

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