Zip lines generate nearly $200 million in the US and Canada.

Time to let your dreams take flight.



Man standing on edge of zipline platform.
Canopy Tours

Fly through the tree canopy on a series of interconnected zip lines built in the upper portion of a forest. Zip lining from tree to tree is truly unique and allows nature to be experienced from a different point of view. Thoughtful course design and expert craftsmanship produces integrated systems that are efficient to operate and require little ongoing maintenance.  Experience flight done right.

Zip Tours

Zip tours apply the canopy tour model to pole-based platforms and purpose-built towers that can be installed on nearly any site, be it rural or urban, steep or flat, forested or open field. Purpose-built tours reduce the long-term care, maintenance, and cost common to canopy tours and eliminate the risk associated with tree health, infestation, and storm damage. Fly beyond the trees and enjoy the design freedom to build what you want where you want.

Smiling person zip lining.
Man looking out from zipline platform.
Long &
Parallel Lines

Go big by offering a unique attraction that pushes past the limits of canopy and zip tours. Soar like a falcon on high-speed long lines racing a 1/2 mile or more across wide open spaces. Spread out with parallel lines (two or four or six or more) and the race is on as riders go head-to-head all for the bragging rights.  Check the box for high thrill and high throughput. 


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Remote Project Evaluations

Our design team can help you assess project feasibility and site specific considerations with a digital project survey to help inform your planning process. Our digital site review will deliver a concept proposal that includes a project summary tailored to your goals, using a combination of geodata and satellite imagery to evaluate design possibilities and visualize your project.

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