New Era of Adventure

Skynet design rendering.
A Unique Experience

Capture the imagination of young and old in a variety of settings, shapes, and configurations.  These exciting and engaging net courses can be installed on trees or artificial structures and feature rooms, tunnels, obstacles, passages, mazes, slides, treehouses, and more.  

Versatile and Simple

Skynet courses offer a unique experience that solves common age and participation gaps in a simple, easy, and efficient to operate package. No need for harnesses, helmets, belay systems, or ground school. Promotes independent exploration and active play.

Skynet platform with steering wheel.
Skynet course blueprint with measurements.
Limited by Imagination

Made from high quality nets, Skynet Play Systems can be molded and crafted into almost any shape or form. Their unique design gives the sense of exposure in a fully enclosed environment.  The options to design unique experiences in a range of settings is near limitless. 

Skynet Play Systems Highlights

General Specifications

Installation Timeframe: 6-8 weeks

Access Prevention: Lockable door with ramp access

Number of Elements: N/A

Difficulty Level of Elements: Fun!

Training Needs: Basic 1 day for operational and maintenance

Maintenance Needs: Treating lumber on structures annually, treating utility poles as needed, adjusting tension as needed. Changing netting and lashing as needed. Changing hardware and cable approx. every 10+ years.

Highlights: Utility pole or tree based. Options for slides and tube crawls, trails and tree houses. No safety equipment necessary.

Expansion Options:


Operations Parameters

Age Range: 4 and up (with adult accompaniment)

Height Restrictions: None

Weight Restrictions: 300 lbs

Staffing: 1-3

Course Capacity: 60+

Throughput: 500+

Length of Experience: 2.5 hours

Belay System: N/A

Ideal For

Public/Private Schools (Elementary Level)

Public Play Grounds

Youth Camp Programs

Therapeutic Facilities

Small Commercial Enterprises

Medium Commercial Enterprises

Large Commercial Enterprises

Remote Project Evaluations

Our design team can help you assess project feasibility and site specific considerations with a digital project survey to help inform your planning process. Our digital site review will deliver a concept proposal that includes a project summary tailored to your goals, using a combination of geodata and satellite imagery to evaluate design possibilities and visualize your project.

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