Routine course maintenance not only extends the life of your challenge course, adventure park, or zipline facility, it’s also a key component to a well-rounded risk management plan.

Experience Matters

While simple repairs can be addressed by competent in-house staff, improvements and modifications to critical components and substantial structural changes should always be completed by a qualified vendor. Challenge Towers has decades of experience maintaining a wide range of challenge courses, climbing towers, zip lines, and giant swings.

No Matter Who Built It, We Can Fix It

Man repelling from pole.
Expert Analysis

Whether an unexpected repair or planned maintenance project, our team can quickly assess the problem and recommend an effective solution. Our maintenance technicians work year-round at facilities both small and large, completing emergency fixes, replacing aging and worn components, and making updates and expansions.

Creative Solutions

Our team approach to problem solving means you get practical solutions quickly. After discussing your goals or challenges, our team will identify creative solutions, their cost, and other important considerations. Our field technicians work at a variety of facilities in the U.S. and abroad, and are adept at addressing unexpected issues and on-the-fly repairs.

Challenge course at sunset.
Man repairing a wire in the air.
Superior Execution

An organized and accessible coordinator manages each and every project. We will keep you informed, supervise logistics, and provide critical support to our field technicians.  We plan, and plan some more, to make sure that we get the job done right the first time. Our commitment to quality results in lasting solutions that will keep your facility in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

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