Smart design, high quality materials, and professional execution. That’s our recipe for facilities that are built right the first time and built to last. Challenge Towers aerial parks and zip attractions are so well built, you’ll spend less time and money maintaining them and more time making your guests smile. That same commitment to excellence can be found in everything we do from maintenance and renovations to high-quality, hands on inspections and industry leading operations and management training. Challenge Towers provides the critical support to elevate your business.

The Challenge Towers Approach

Designed for Efficiency

We know the formula for successful adventure parks because we own and operate our own. Our parks maintain unobstructed activity corridors free from trip hazards, rigging and other low hanging components that slow down the pace and we use simple and consistent systems that are easy for staff and guests to operate and reduce the potential for error.

Built For a Lifetime

Smart design, high quality materials, and professional execution. That’s our recipe for facilities that are built right the first time and built to last. In fact, Challenge Towers courses are so well built you’ll spend less time and less money maintaining them and more time seeing smiles on your guests faces. 

Man about to zipline away from a platform.
People walking across ropes suspended between poles.
Industry Leading Service and Support

Wondering what you need to do to get a call back from a vendor? You need to call Challenge Towers. We pride ourselves in being responsive to our clients and work hard to exceed expectations. Your priorities are our priorities and we work quickly to address problems and implement solutions to keep your facility up and running. Learn more about Challenge Towers facility and operations support services here.

Challenge Towers Aerial Parks


Remote Project Evaluations

Our design team can help you assess project feasibility and site specific considerations with a digital project survey to help inform your planning process. Our digital site review will deliver a concept proposal that includes a project summary tailored to your goals, using a combination of geodata and satellite imagery to evaluate design possibilities and visualize your project.

Core Services

Design, Installation, and Renovations

Built right the first time and built to last. Challenge Towers delivers on that promise using smart design, high quality materials, and professional execution. Our all-angles project approach engages members across the Challenge Towers team including designers and builders, inspectors, trainers and operators insuring a thorough and well organized installation plan. Whether starting from scratch or adding onto an existing facility, Challenge Towers has the experience to elevate your outcomes.

Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping up with regular maintenance not only extends the life of your facility, it’s a key component to a well rounded risk management plan. While many items can be addressed in-house, improvements and modifications to critical components and substantial structural changes should always be completed under the supervision of a qualified vendor. Challenge Towers has decades experience maintaining a wide range of challenge courses, climbing towers, zip lines, and giant swings. No matter who built it, Challenge Towers can fix it.

ACCT Accredited Inspections

Annual accredited inspections provide critical and independent feedback about the overall condition of facilities and compliance with prevailing standards. Challenge Towers certified inspectors take a thoughtful and hands-on approach in the assessment of critical components and equipment. Each inspection includes a comprehensive review of overall course design and constructions standards in addition to assessing the condition of trees, poles, cables, ropes, hardware and other critical course elements. An organized and timely report is returned outlining the inspector's findings including any required actions necessary to remain compliant with standards.

Training and ACCT Certifications

Having a well trained, skilled, and attentive staff are one of the risk managers sharpest tools. In-house only training programs can suffer from the silo effect leading to operations creep where inappropriate practices become normalized over time. Planning for an independent annual training to complement your in-house program keeps your whole staff current with the latest standards, practices, and equipment. You get an objective assessment on your staff capabilities and limitations and insightful observations about your programming and policies. Our trainers or passionate and experienced educators who blend instructional and hands-on learning to deliver personalized trainings and ACCT accredited certifications.

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