Properly trained staff are essential to your risk management program. Challenge Towers' trainers travel throughout the U.S. and abroad to deliver high quality and engaging curriculum for you and your staff.  We help trainees gain conceptual knowledge applicable to your site specific procedures and practices, and technical skills that support sound risk management policy.

Training and ACCT Certification

Does your operation suffer from the silo effect? In-house only training programs can lead to operations creep where inappropriate and outdated practices become normalized over time. Planning for an independent annual training to complement your in-house program keeps your whole staff current with the latest standards, practices, and equipment. You get an objective assessment on your staff capabilities and limitations and insightful observations about your programming and policies. CT trainers are passionate and experienced educators who blend instructional and hands-on learning to deliver personalized trainings and ACCT accredited certifications.

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ACCT Accredited

Challenge Towers was one of the first Professional Vendor Members accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and we offer a wide range of site specific and open enrollment trainings and practitioner certifications.  Challenge Towers trainings are tailored to your operation and instructed by passionate and experienced educators.

Site Specific

Our trainers travel to your site and deliver a custom training tailored to your course, equipment, and goals.  We utilize a blend of instructional formats including discussion, demonstrations, manual review, and hands-on skills application. Trainings that include practitioner certification require skills verification through written and practical assessment.

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Professional Development

ACCT Practitioner Certifications and skill specific workshops hosted at our traditional team building and commercial aerial courses in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Designed for everyone from new practitioners looking to build their resume, to seasoned course managers looking to refine their skillset, these comprehensive trainings and workshops blend hands-on experience across a wide range of low and high elements, using advanced equipment, and emerging technologies.

Certification Requirements

Download the Challenge Towers ACCT Certification Matrix and learn more about the requirement and competencies for Level 1, Level 2, and Challenge Course Manager.

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