Challenge Towers delivers with high-quality, hands-on ACCT accredited inspections, top-notch maintenance and repairs, and comprehensive training and certifications. We provide key consulting services on a range of topics and conduct independent operations reviews offering critical insight for planning and policy development.

Training and ACCT Certification

Having a well trained, skilled, and attentive staff are one of the risk managers sharpest tools. In-house only training programs can suffer from the silo effect leading to operations creep where inappropriate and outdated practices become normalized over time. Planning for an independent annual training to complement your in-house program keeps your whole staff current with the latest standards, practices, and equipment. You get an objective assessment on your staff capabilities and limitations and insightful observations about your programming and policies. Our trainers or passionate and experienced educators who blend instructional and hands-on learning to deliver personalized trainings and ACCT accredited certifications.

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ACCT Accredited

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Challenge Towers was one of the first Professional Vendor Members accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology and we offer a wide range of site specific and open enrollment trainings and practitioner certifications.  Challenge Towers trainings are tailored to your operation and instructed by passionate and experienced educators.

Site Specific

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Our trainers travel to your site and deliver a custom training tailored to your course, equipment, and goals.  We utilize a blend of instructional formats including discussion, demonstrations, manual review, and hands-on skills application. Trainings that include practitioner certification require skills verification through written and practical assessment.

Open Enrollment

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Fall and Spring open enrollment ACCT Practitioner Certifications hosted at our traditional team building and commercial aerial courses in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.  These comprehensive trainings include practical experience with a variety of low and high elements, advanced equipment, and emerging technologies.

Certification Requirements

Download the Challenge Towers ACCT Certification Matrix and learn more about the requirement and competencies for Level 1, Level 2, and Challenge Course Manager.

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ACCT Accredited Inspections

Facility inspections provide critical and independent feedback about the overall condition of facilities and compliance with prevailing standards. Challenge Towers certified inspectors take a thoughtful and hands-on approach in the assessment of critical components and equipment. Each inspection includes a comprehensive review of overall course design and constructions standards in addition to assessing the condition of trees, poles, cables, ropes, hardware and other critical course elements. An organized and timely report is returned outlining the inspector's findings including any required actions necessary to remain compliant with standards.

Annual Requirement

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An independent annual inspection conducted by a qualified inspector is intended to identify critical issues that can render your course unsafe.  ACCT standards, insurers, and various states and municipalities require documented review of primary and critical facility components and program equipment.  Challenge Towers provides detailed inspection reports that outline required actions to keep your course compliant with current standards and helpful recommendations to improve course and programming efficiencies.

Assess Compliance

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ACCT standards require operators to complete periodic internal monitoring of all components at the intervals specified by the facility manufacturer or other qualified person. Additionally, operators must complete a professional inspection by a qualified vendor no less than once per year. The professional inspection includes visual and physical inspection of elements, life-safety equipment, and the condition of the environment around the facilities.

Care and Planning

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Recurring internal and annual independent inspections provide critical information to help care for your facility.  The information found in annual inspection reports from Challenge Towers serve as a valuable tool for short and long-term planning and budgeting associated with maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement. Stay on top of problems and address them before they become issues.


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Challenge Towers inspects a variety of adventure facilities including low and high challenge courses, aerial parks, zip lines, canopy tours, and activity towers. Click to learn more and submit an interest form.

Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping up with regular maintenance not only extends the life of your facility, it’s a key component to a well rounded risk management plan. While many items can be addressed in-house, improvements and modifications to critical components and substantial structural changes should always be completed under the supervision of a qualified vendor. Challenge Towers has decades experience maintaining a wide range of challenge courses, climbing towers, zip lines, and giant swings. No matter who built it, Challenge Towers can fix it.

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Expert Analysis

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Whether an unexpected repair or planned maintenance project, our team of designers and builders quickly assess the problem and outline the solution. Our maintenance technicians work at facilities small and large completing emergency fixes, replacing aging and worn components, and making updates and expansions.

Creative Solutions

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Our team approach to problem solving means you get sound solutions quickly.  With basic information, we can identify the problem and return recommended solutions, their cost and other consideration.  Our field technicians work at a variety of facilities in the US and abroad and are adept a addressing unexpected issues and on-the-fly repairs.

Superior Execution

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An organized and accessible coordinator manages each and every project.  They keep you informed, supervise logistics, and provide critical support to our field technicians.  We plan and plan some more to make sure that we fix it right the first time.  Our commitment to quality results in lasting solutions that keep your course in compliance with prevailing standards.

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