A digital survey to assess project feasibility and site specific considerations

Valuable Insight for Project Planning

Start your project with a Remote Project Evaluation and get valuable insight that informs your planning process. The CT Design Team will walk you through a digital project survey to assess preliminary feasibility and identify key site considerations. We can zero in on the most likely project locations and their relationship to land forms and facilities while evaluating potential access and site preparation requirements.

RPE-Fast Affordable
Fast and Affordable

We complete an accelerated digital site review and deliver a concept proposal that includes a project summary designed around your goals with a digital model showing proposed facility layout and elevations overlaid on a digital representation of your site.

Key Considerations

Using a combination of geodata and satellite imaging, we are able to evaluate critical data including elevation, distance, major utilities, and site access points. We help you evaluate design possibilities and limitations and establish a baseline of variables that will be reviewed more in-depth during future project design phases.

RPE-Key Considerations
RPE-Visualize Project
Visualize Your Project

We bring your project to life with a 3D model that shows the proposed concept and its relationship to land forms and adjacent facilities on your site. Your concept proposal includes key project and operational considerations, estimated facility pricing based on the concept design, and recommended next steps for building your dream project.

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