External Compliance Verification

ACCT Standards require challenge course, aerial park, zip line, and related facility operators to conduct a review of operation practices by an external qualified person every five (5) years. An Operation Review includes a secret shopper experience, an on-site visit, staff and manager interviews, a thorough paperwork audit (including local operating procedures and other operational paperwork), and an assessment of compliance with ACCT Operations standards. You receive a detailed assessment report that highlights key findings and provides recommendations for improvement.

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We have a wide range of service options for organizations in the early stages of review preparation, those that want a simple assessment of their day-to-day operations, and those needing input on key parts of the larger review process. Common services are listed below. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

A self-study based on ACCT standards is one of the best ways to prepare for an Operation Review. We can help ensure this process is both comprehensive and effective by facilitating the study with your team and providing rich context that helps you more objectively assess your compliance. We’ll go through each and every operation standard and discuss their meaning and implication from our professional perspective.

Documentation is critical to effective risk management and standards compliance. We review your standard operation policy and procedure along with related documentation and provide a report that highlights required and recommended modifications and updates. Just need to get it done? We can update your manual and complete all necessary changes to help ensure your documentation is clear, concise, and compliant.

We go incognito as a guest at your facility and test out core systems and customer touchpoints to get a sense of how things are really being done. You get a report detailing our experience and measuring them against operational norms, best practices, and industry standards.

Looking for something more or still not sure where to start? We have an experienced and knowledgeable team who understand challenge course and commercial zip line and aerial park operations. We can assist with any number of operational challenges and help you refine and improve key systems and processes.

About ACCT Operations Accreditation

ACCT Operations Accreditation identifies challenge course, aerial park, zip line, and canopy tour organizations and businesses that serve the public with a commitment to quality, professional practice and ongoing adherence to industry standards. Operation Reviews for ACCT Accreditation are conducted by ACCT approved reviewers who ensure reporting meets all requirements for submission to the Accreditation review board. Challenge Towers can assist you in understanding and preparing for ACCT Accreditation. Get in touch with us before you start your accreditation process and gain key insight and information.

What is an Operation Review and why do you need it?

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