The All-Around Performer

Challenger course design rendering with participants on climbing wall.
Programming Choices

The Challenger Course provides a range of programming options in a small and compact footprint and is perfect for those looking to get the most out of their construction budget. The Challenger Course offers a dynamically belayed high course and includes options for adding climbing walls, swing-by-choice and a zip Line.

A Wide Audience

Challenger series courses can serve diverse groups and originations including schools and universities, scouting organizations, youth and sports camps, and therapeutic programs. Appropriate for ages 10 and up, Challenger series courses provide a progression of activities and excitement.

Challenger course render with climbing wall.
Challenger course with participants on climbing wall and ropes.
Director's Dream Course

Challenger series courses compact footprint make them easy to facilitate and supervise with small and large groups alike. Dynamic belay is used throughout to keep things simple and consistent. Design and crafted for a lifetime of use, Challenger courses require minimal long-term maintenance and a limited annual care regimen.    

Challenger Series Course Highlights

General Specifications

Installation Timeframe: ** 2-4 weeks

Access Prevention: Ladder or removable holds

Number of Elements: Up to 12

Difficulty Level of Elements: Easy, moderate and difficult available

Training Needs: 3-7 days

Equipment Needs: Varies/basic

Maintenance Needs: Treating lumber on climbing wall annually, treating utility poles as needed, changing hardware and cable approx. every 7-10 years.

Highlights: Climbing wall(s) can be used as rappel station. Platforms and ascent stations can be added to transform this course into a statically/belayed course. Auto belays can be added to the climbing wall(s). Gravity and point-to-point zip Line possibilities exist. Low elements can be easily added.

Expansion Options:

Challenger 1: Dynamically belayed 3 element high course

Challenger 2: Add 3 additional elements mid-level and a 1 sided climbing wall

Challenger 3: Add another side to the climbing wall, Swing-by-Choice and Zip Line

Operations Parameters

Age Range: 10 and up

Height Restrictions: N/A

Weight Restrictions: 275

Staffing: 1-10

Course Capacity: Up to 40

Throughput: N/A

Length of Experience: Multi-hour/day/month

Belay System: Dynamic

Ideal For

Public/Private Schools

BSA/GSA Program

 Youth Camp Programs

Sports Camp Programs

Colleges and Universities

Therapeutic Facilities

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