The Pinnacle of Climbing

Watchtower rendering with kids on a zipline.
Something for Everyone

The Watch Tower boosts more than 1,600 square feet of climbing and rappel surfaces packaged in a versatile and visually impressive design.  An observation deck sits atop the climbing walls and offers ample work room, unique programming space, and incredible 360 views. An internal spiral staircase gives unbelayed access and a roof protects wood surfaces and provides welcome shade. Great as a stand-alone facility, the Watch Tower can also carry zip lines and serve as access to challenge courses and aerial parks.

Observe from Above

The Watch Tower uses an internal spiral staircase to provide easy access to the enclosed top deck 40ft above ground.  With proper supervision, the deck can be accessed without the need for safety equipment. A simple locking door at the base of the tower prevents unwanted access.  The observation deck also makes it easy to manage rappelling activities, setup freefall jump stations, and provide access to optional zip lines and interconnected courses or parks. 

Watchtower rendering with zipline.
Climbing tower rendering.
Activity and Access

This is not just a climbing tower, this is a multipurpose activity tower.  You can easily expand the capability of the Watch Tower by adding auto belays, dual zip lines, giant swings, and freefall jumps.  Bridge out to a tree course or connect a continuous belayed challenge course.  So many possibilities to engage a range of ages and abilities and to create unique programming experiences.

Watch Tower Series Highlights

General Specifications

Installation Timeframe: 3-6 weeks+

Access Prevention: Lockable door

Difficulty Level of Elements: Easy, moderate and difficult available

Training Needs: 3-7 days

Equipment Needs: Varies/basic-advanced

Maintenance Needs: Treating lumber on climbing surface annually. Treating lumber on platforms annually. Treating utility poles as needed. Changing hardware and cable approx. every 7-10 years.

Highlights: Faces can be set up for climbing with added features or flat for rappelling.  Option to go with composite decking to limit maintenance. Seamless expansion beyond the standard package offerings. Gravity or point-to-point zip lines.

Expansion Options:

Watch Tower 1: Watch Tower structure

Watch Tower 2: Watch Tower structure and zip line

Watch Tower 3: Watch Tower, zip line and Double Diamond aerial course or other

Operations Parameters

Age Range: 10 and up

Height Restrictions: None

Weight Restrictions: 275 max

Staffing: 2-8

Course Capacity: Up to 45

Throughput: Approx. 135 per day

Length of Experience: 2.5 hours -multiple day program

Belay System: Dynamic/Auto belay

Ideal For

Public/Private Schools

BSA/GSA Programs

Youth Camp Programs

Sports Camp Programs

Colleges and Universities

Commercial Parks

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