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WestPark digital rendering with participants.
Dynamic Experience

Winner of the ACCT Outstanding Structure Design Award, WestPark is a fully freestanding wooden structure that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. Integrated kids course, progressively challenging terrain, vertical ascending and descending stations, and self navigating zip lines combine to offer a dynamic experience for the whole family.

Capacity King

WestPark is designed for efficiency. Efficient control and entry managed through the centrally located Quad Deck.  Ascending nets, climbing stations quickly disperse traffic from the Quad Deck and rappel stations provide exhilarating egress.

Challenge course blue print drawing.
Westpark blueprint with measurements.
Flexible Footprint

WestPark design strength comes from a series of interconnected cells that can be configured to create a variety of shapes and fit a variety of sites. The freestanding design eliminates the need for external guy anchors making it easy to fit a large scale adventure park in small spaces.

WestPark Series Highlights

General Specifications

Installation Timeframe: 4-12 weeks

Access Prevention: Quad deck with lockable door

Number of Elements: Up to 78

Difficulty Level of Elements: Easy, moderate and difficult available

Training Needs: 5-7 days, estimated $12K budget

Equipment Needs: Advanced, estimated $125K budget

Maintenance Needs: Treating lumber on Quad Deck structure annually, treating utility poles as needed, changing hardware and cable approx. every 7-10 years.

Highlights: Steel platforms with composite decking. Seamless expansion beyond the standard package offerings. Options for integrated kids course. Options for continuous and self-navigating belay systems.

Expansion Options:

Westpark 3: 3 cells, approx. 36 elements and 3 Zip tour

Westpark 5: 5 cells, approx. 59 elements and 3 zip tour

Westpark 7: 7 cells, approx. 78 elements and 3 zip tour

Operations Parameters

Age Range: 4 and up (with adult accompaniment)

Height Restrictions: None

Weight Restrictions: Max 275

Staffing: 3-8

Course Capacity: Up to 200

Throughput: 600+ daily

Length of Experience: 3 hours +

Belay System: Static

Ideal For

Corporate Programs

Small Commercial Enterprises

Medium Commercial Enterprises

Large Commercial Enterprises

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