Partnering with Professionals: The Benefits of Outsourcing Challenge Course, Zipline, and Aerial Park Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining and repairing facilities is essential for ensuring safety and compliance in challenge courses, zip lines, and aerial parks. While a select few may possess the in-house resources and expertise to handle maintenance with minimal external support, many operators, aware of the complexities and risks associated with managing such facilities, opt for the support of ACCT-accredited Professional Vendor Members (PVM). This approach not only brings in specialized knowledge but also plays a crucial role in transferring some of the risk and liability associated with operating adventure-based facilities, offering a strategic advantage in today’s risk-aware environment.

That doesn’t mean that all maintenance and repairs are out of scope for the average operator. Many things that do not require specialized skills or equipment can be done in-house. This includes cleaning and treating wood surfaces, replacing worn or corroded non-critical hardware, and clearing tree limbs and ground vegetation from operating areas. Each operator should identify their limitations for in-house maintenance and the key benefits of working with an ACCT PVM.

Professional zip line equipment, maintenance, and repairs

Limitations of In-House Maintenance

Managing maintenance in-house presents unique challenges. Many operators lack staff with the specialized expertise required to maintain and repair adventure-based facilities, including critical life-safety components. This deficiency in expertise risks overlooking or mismanaging essential maintenance and repair duties. Despite the best intentions of many operators, it is not uncommon for in-house maintenance projects to be hampered by time constraints. The demands of day-to-day operations can relegate maintenance tasks to a lower priority, resulting in delayed repairs and potentially hazardous conditions.

Further complicating in-house maintenance and repairs is the application of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) work-at-height regulations and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. From improvising anchors to using advanced equipment at height, these standards and regulations are outside the scope of your everyday operations and, in most cases, your written policies and procedures. Navigating this without the requisite expertise can lead to unintended outcomes, unexpected hazards, and increased risk.

Professional zip line equipment, maintenance, and repairs

Benefits of Professional Challenge Course Maintenance & Repair Services

Using an ACCT PVM for maintenance and repairs can improve safety and the lifespan of your facility and equipment. As an operator, you gain access to a high level of expertise and objective third-party assessment that comes from working with professionals specializing in challenge course, zip line, and aerial park maintenance. These professionals bring an understanding of the latest safety standards and maintenance practices, ensuring your facilities, systems, and equipment are in optimal condition and compliant with industry regulations.

A key benefit of working with an ACCT PVM to complete maintenance and repairs is the transfer of risk and liability. This happens in several specific ways that help operators manage and mitigate potential liabilities. When you contract professional services, you typically sign an agreement that includes each party’s liability and indemnification rights and responsibilities. This arrangement naturally incentivizes the provider to adhere to strict maintenance and inspection protocols that meet current industry standards and regulations. By collaborating with experts who stay abreast of the latest safety practices and equipment technology, you get an additional layer of protection for identifying and addressing hazards and other potential safety issues.

Contrary to what you might think, using an ACCT PVM for maintenance and repairs can be more cost-effective and result in less facility downtime than managing them in-house. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Professional service providers diagnose and resolve issues quickly and come prepared with the materials and resources to complete work correctly and efficiently.
  • Maintenance providers are adept at identifying and addressing minor issues before they become significant problems, reducing the likelihood of unsafe conditions or more expensive emergency repairs.
  • Providers are experts at anticipating how changes or repairs in one area may affect others. This broad view helps minimize the risk of unintended consequences and enhances the facility’s overall functionality and safety.
  • Proper documentation, such as commissioning reports, inspection records, and maintenance logs, is essential for demonstrating compliance. Professional service providers specialize in understanding and adhering to regulations and standards governing challenge courses, zip lines, and aerial parks, implementing systematic processes for documenting maintenance activities, inspections, and repairs.

Completing timely maintenance and repairs is essential to maintaining safety standards and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Professional Vendor Members play a critical role in achieving these objectives by identifying potential safety risks and implementing corrective measures that comply with the latest industry standards. Moreover, they provide ongoing support and advice, informing operators about regulation changes and safety technology advancements. This proactive approach helps operators meet current standards while preparing for future updates.

Using an ACCT-accredited Professional Vendor Member to maintain and repair challenge courses, zip lines, and aerial parks is a strategic decision that offers significant benefits. While some operators may be able to manage these tasks internally, the expertise, risk transfer, and cost-effectiveness provided by PVMs offer compelling advantages. Partnering with a third-party maintenance provider like Challenge Towers helps you maintain your equipment and facility in accordance with the highest standards, providing a degree of liability protection that is invaluable in today’s operational landscape.