What Documentation Will I Need to Produce After an Incident?

Gavel and scales of justice.

By: Guest Writer, Cameron Annas After an incident, and especially after an attorney is involved, you are going to be asked to produce the following: that day’s inspection checklist, specific equipment checklists and maintenance logs, employee training records for the employees involved, the incident report and any other relevant documentation to the course, equipment or…

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Spring into Adventure With Powerfan Freefall Technology

Looking Down from Tower

Have you ever dreamed of jumping into the unknown? Or stepping out into thin air without a parachute? Now you can experience the ultimate rush with our unique Powerfan technology, the best freefall simulation on the market for outdoor or indoor use. Originally developed for paratrooper training by the British military, the Powerfan is a…

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Essential Tips for Managing Your Equipment

Hand reaching up onto a rope trolly device.

Equipment management is essentially asset management. Our sister company, Aerial Adventure Tech, has put together this handy guide for creating an equipment management system that will help you protect your assets. The aerial adventure products in your inventory are assets for your organization. This equipment is likely the most important asset because it is directly…

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