Challenge Towers has been building meaningful experiences for more than 30 years. It’s never too soon to start your journey. Our award-winning designs can get you started on the path to success.

Designed for Efficiency

We know the formula for successful adventure facilities because we operate our own.

Built for a Lifetime

Smart design and superior craftsmanship produce facilities built right and built to last.

Risk Management Experts

Have confidence in knowing the right tools are in your toolbox, sharpened and ready for the job.

"It was our goal to build a world-class Zipline Canopy Park that would set the standard for ease of use, safety, and aesthetics. After exhaustive research and interviews of potential builders, we chose Challenge Towers to consult and build our project. It was one of the best decisions we made."


Zip Lines

At the forefront in the evolution of aerial adventure, blending the essential elements of risk & challenge for the thrill-seeking masses. Let your dreams take flight.


Adventure Parks

So well built, you’ll spend less time (and money) maintaining them and more time delivering meaningful human-powered experiences. Excellence can be found in everything we do. Elevate your business.

Hoblitzelle Challenge Course

Challenge Courses

Promote growth and development through adventure and challenge with facilities designed for play with purpose. Navigate facility installation with a partner that keeps you ahead of the curve.

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