Ask the Expert: Why Train Staff?

Training is an absolutely essential part of any adventure business’ yearly operation. We recently sat down with our Director of Training & Certification, Joel McCombs, to discuss why proper training of your staff is so important.

“Safety in our industry is paramount.” said McCombs. “While accidents do happen, the vast majority can be avoided. Facilities built and inspected to ACCT Standards have a very high safety factor and structural design is unlikely to be the root cause of an accident. Having thorough and frequent training for your staff is possibly the simplest way you can increase safety and quality at your operation.”

Having a well trained, skilled, and attentive staff are one of the risk managers sharpest tools. In-house only training programs can suffer from the silo effect leading to operations creep where inappropriate and outdated practices become normalized over time. Planning for an independent annual training to complement your in-house program keeps your whole staff current with the latest standards, practices, and equipment. You get an objective assessment on your staff capabilities and limitations and insightful observations about your programming and policies.

What makes outside training so imperative?

According to McCombs, “Getting a non-biased fresh perspective on your company culture, your staff’s habits and your operation, in general, is incredibly valuable. Getting that perspective from an ACCT Professional Vendor Member (PVM) who is working with many diverse operations across the industry is even more valuable.”

Why Challenge Towers?

Challenge Towers was one of the first Professional Vendor Members accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology, and we offer a wide range of site specific and open enrollment trainings and practitioner certifications. Our trainings are tailored to your operation and instructed by passionate and experienced educators.

When Can I Sign Up?

Our Spring open enrollment classes are coming up. Each Spring and Fall, ACCT Practitioner Certifications are hosted at our traditional team building and commercial aerial courses in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. These comprehensive trainings include practical experience with a variety of low and high elements, advanced equipment, and emerging technologies. Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement of Spring 2018 open enrollment dates, and don’t miss your chance to sign up for this unique and comprehensive training experience.