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The following ACCT standards address human resource management policies and procedures

B.3.2. The organization shall have a means of communicating employment policies to staff.

B.3.5. The organization shall maintain a current personnel file for each staff member.

The personnel file may include but is not limited to: and application form, resume or curriculum vitae, letter of application, written references, certifications, records of training completed, proof of identity, proof of citizenship, job description, compensation agreement, or other documents.

B.3.6. The organization shall have a system in place for training staff and volunteers in necessary skills and competencies, beyond those skills of initial employment, and all training shall be documented.

skills assessmentB.3.7. The organization shall have a staff assessment system in place addressing core, technical, and facilitation competencies necessary to conduct course operations.

If this assessment system involves written records, training and assessment records may be included in personnel files. Such records identify areas in which staff have knowledge of, the ability to demonstrate, or the ability to teach information and/or skills necessary in job performance.

B.3.8. The organization shall conduct staff assessments annually.

B.3.9. The organization shall have a system in place for supervising and monitoring the performance of all staff.

B.3.10. The organization shall maintain documentation of agreements with independent contractors and staff.

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