Training Delivery Requisites

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B.1. Training Delivery Requisites

B.1.1. Scope: Training shall include the specific skills required to operate a course including and not limited to: operations management, core, technical, and facilitation competencies.

Any individual training event may address some or all aspects of program operation.

training JoelB.1.2. Frequency: Training shall occur annually, or more frequently, contingent upon staff turnover, seasonal fluctuations, operational changes, or as a response to incident/accident analysis.

B.1.3. Trainer qualifications: Training shall be delivered by a qualified person.

B.1.4. Delivery: Training shall provide staff with opportunity to obtain knowledge, skills, and understanding including hands-on deliberate practice.

B.1.4.1. Trainee Safety: The trainer shall manage risk to allow trainee error, while reducing the likelihood of serious injury or death.

For example, when learning to access an element using a personal safety system, the trainee may also be on a separate belay.

training KoreyB.1.5. Operational Standard: Training shall be conducted in a manner consistent with ACCT Operation Standard B.

B.1.6. Disability: Reasonable accommodations shall be made for persons with disabilities. Accommodations shall take into account the essential functions of each position.

B.1.7. Location: Training shall take place at a course inspected and maintained to the current ANSI/ACCT 03-2016 DPI Standard Section A through I.


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