Codes of Conduct and Competencies

Topic Progress:

B.1.3. The organization shall meet mandated codes of conduct with respect to employees and clients rights and confidentiality.

What is confidential? Here are a few examples:client confidentiality

  • Corporate strategies a facilitator learns about in a debrief
  • Medical information gathered from a client/participant/customer
  • Intense emotional reactions observed during an at-height activity
  • Contents of an employee’s background check
  • Phone number, address, and social security number of an employee
  • An employee’s medical history, including worker’s compensation claims

B.1.4. The organization and its staff shall operate within the bounds of their organizational and individual competencies. within your competencies

What does it mean to operate outside your competencies? Some examples:

  • A Level 1 Practitioner doing a complicated rescue they haven’t been trained for
  • A staff member with no experience doing zip line maintenance such as tightening a cable
  • An organization doing their training in-house without any Qualified trainers on staff

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