What is a Continuous Belay?

Woman with zip line trolley.

Koala Continuous Belay is a smart, simple, and transfer-free lifeline for use in challenge courses, aerial parks, and zip lines. Users are attached to the lifeline using the dual-sheave trolley called the “Pouliz” that serves as both the life-safety connection and as a high-performance zip trolley.  Continuous runs of wire rope pass around trees, poles,…

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Avoid Bad Habits With Operational Reviews

Man testing zipline.

Annual Inspections are a familiar routine for zip tours, aerial adventure parks, and other challenge course facilities. But what about Operational Reviews? While annual course inspections are often required by state and local laws, the same is not true of operational reviews, but that doesn’t mean they are any less important. So what exactly is…

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What Does it Take To Be an Award-Winning Canopy Tour?

High Gravity tower.

Challenge Towers was honored to be recognized for Outstanding Structural Design at the 2018 ACCT conference in Fort Worth, Texas for our canopy tour at High Gravity Adventures in Blowing Rock, NC. So what exactly does it take to be an award-winning canopy tour? Here’s a peek at what went into the construction of our…

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Spring into Adventure With Powerfan Freefall Technology

Looking Down from Tower

Have you ever dreamed of jumping into the unknown? Or stepping out into thin air without a parachute? Now you can experience the ultimate rush with our unique Powerfan technology, the best freefall simulation on the market for outdoor or indoor use. Originally developed for paratrooper training by the British military, the Powerfan is a…

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Essential Tips for Managing Your Equipment

Hand reaching up onto a rope trolly device.

Equipment management is essentially asset management. Our sister company, Aerial Adventure Tech, has put together this handy guide for creating an equipment management system that will help you protect your assets. The aerial adventure products in your inventory are assets for your organization. This equipment is likely the most important asset because it is directly…

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Spring Open Enrollment Training Begins April 9

Group of smiling people wearing helmets.

The start of another season is upon us and it’s time to sharpen the tools in your toolbox. Challenge Towers will be hosting Level 1 and 2 ACCT certifications April 9-15 at our facilities in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. This intensive week-long course is open to challenge course and aerial park professionals looking to gain valuable knowledge and skills. Learn from trusted experts…

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Ask the Expert: Why Train Staff?

Man demonstrating how to use a belay system.

Training is an absolutely essential part of any adventure business’ yearly operation. We recently sat down with our Director of Training & Certification, Joel McCombs, to discuss why proper training of your staff is so important. “Safety in our industry is paramount.” said McCombs. “While accidents do happen, the vast majority can be avoided. Facilities…

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A Routine Maintenance Program Saves Time and Money

Challenge course at sunset.

Do you have a set budget and regular schedule for care and maintenance of your challenge course, zip line, canopy tour or aerial park facility?  Setting a budget and creating a schedule for your annual facility inspection and staff training are an annual occurrence as they play a vital role in supporting efficient and safe…

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