Marking and Labeling Guidelines

Hand labeling a piece of equipment.

All safety equipment should be marked or labeled with a unique identifier. These unique identifiers allow you to tie your products to inspection, maintenance, and purchase records. Additionally, unique identifiers can be tied to serial numbers on equipment. Serial numbers can serve the same purpose but do not integrate well with your organizational coding system…

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Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Off-Season

Kids standing on platform listening to instructor.

By Korey C. Hampton So it’s almost the end of your season. The kids have gone back to school, the tourist traffic is winding down, and you’re exhausted from another busy, and hopefully successful year running a challenge course, zipline, or adventure park. Are you eager to lock the doors and run? Not so fast.…

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Storage and Maintenance Guidelines

Belay system cable.

Downloadable Equipment Storage and Maintenance Guide Proper storage and maintenance of your equipment helps to ensure its longevity and function. You do not have to be an expert to take these simple steps. Incorporate the guidelines into the management of equipment at your adventure site. Then watch as your gear lasts longer and presents a…

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What Documentation Will I Need to Produce After an Incident?

Gavel and scales of justice.

By: Guest Writer, Cameron Annas After an incident, and especially after an attorney is involved, you are going to be asked to produce the following: that day’s inspection checklist, specific equipment checklists and maintenance logs, employee training records for the employees involved, the incident report and any other relevant documentation to the course, equipment or…

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Should I Build with Trees or Poles?

Challenge course tower with extended rope features.

Choosing between trees and poles (or a using combination of both) is a critical decision to make early on in your project plan. The experience of moving through a tree-based facility can be magical and result in big savings on the initial installation cost for a comparative size facility built using poles. While many of…

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Understanding the Four Most Common Types of Belay

Kid walking across a rope feature.

Belay is the primary safety system used to protect people while at height. There is a wide range of belay systems on the market and picking the right one is a critical decision that influences operations, efficiencies, risk, and superivsion. While there are many brand names on the market, the most common belay systems used…

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Challenge Towers is Now a Petzl Technical Partner

Petal Technical Partner Logo

Challenge Towers has been certified as an official Petzl Technical Partner (PTP). Through this partnership with Petzl, Challenge Towers is able to lend its expertise to its customers regarding Petzl products and market solutions, as well as detailed technical information regarding the use of Petzl products. To gain this accreditation, Challenge Towers has proven itself…

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How to Qualify the Right Builder

Ropes course.

Selecting the right builder is one of the most critical project decisions you will make and comes with both short and long-term impact. There are a number of factors that can help you qualify the right builder. Price alone does not reflect value, shopping for quality does. Take a close look at the work of…

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Engaging with the Aerial Adventure Industry

Suspension rope bridge extended through a forest.

The aerial adventure industry is an exciting community of individuals leveraging the essence of adventure and play to craft unique and lasting experiences for a range of audiences, ages, and abilities. Engaging and networking in that community provides tremendous insight and benefit.  The Association for Challenge Course Technology conference and exhibition held each year at…

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Researching and Building Your Adventure Facility

Challenge course rope bridge.

Do not assume that just because you build it, they will come.  Taking time to adequately research and plan your project is key to achieving your goals, whether they are to start a new business venture or add programming at a camp, resort, or conference center. Define your audience and their needs, outline your program…

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