Course Manager

The Course Manager class offers professional development intended for aerial adventure owners, operators, managers, facilitators, and other professionals who are involved in the operation and management realms of the challenge course industry. The Course Manager class is ideal for professionals working at zip line and canopy tours, aerial adventure parks, challenge courses, camps, universities, and many types of aerial adventure facilities.

Content and curriculum will be based on the ANSI/ACCT 03-2016 Challenge Courses and Canopy/Zip Line Tours Standards, but will reach even further than that. The course will cover such topics as outdoor recreation law, liability insurance, human resources management, course and gear inspections, record-keeping, staff training, risk management, marketing and other essential topics for challenge course and zipline managers and operators. Professional guest speakers such as lawyers, insurance brokers, and HR management professionals will lend their expertise as guest lecturers. Industry professionals from Challenge Towers, Aerial Adventure Tech and High Gravity Adventures will also lend their many decades of experience to the course, as well as help facilitate discussions amongst attendees so that we can all learn from one another.

Online content has been set up as part of the course so that we can reduce the in-person time (and hopefully travel costs) for attendees. It is also meant to ensure that all attendees have a sufficient level of knowledge prior to beginning the the course together in Asheville/Black Mountain from March 5th 2019, so that we can get to more advanced and interactive content and discussions. Please take the time to do this prior to arrival, it is fundamental to your success in this course.

Challenge Tower’s training program us accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. The training will culminate in a Course Manager Certification with successful completion of the course and exam.

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