Zip Line & Canopy Tours

We've all dreamed of flying. Challenge Towers makes those dreams come true. Full custom installations built in trees and on poles with an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and lasting value.

At Challenge Towers, we balance form and function so that our installations compliment the landscape and inspire curiosity among users. Design is a two-part process that begins with the discovery of ideas and culminates in a comprehensive project plan.

The Discovery Phase is all about collecting information. We want to know what motivates our clients, their experience with aerial courses, their initial vision, and the constraints they will work under. Discovery almost always includes a site visit to determine project feasibility and to develop a preliminary design concept and initial cost estimate.

The Design Phase follows Discovery with the goal of resolving any remaining project unknowns, revising the initial design and cost estimates, and developing a comprehensive project plan. The project plan may include arborist assessments; property survey; soil composition analysis; technical drawings and renderings; project mapping; and engineering and often requires additional site visits. Once Design is complete, all the pieces are in place to begin site prep and installation.

In the video below, Challenge Towers President Ken Jacquot shares his thoughts on the role of aerial adventure experiences.