Fall 2017 Open Enrollment Level I and II Training and Certifications

Train with Challenge Towers

This primarily hands-on training focuses on everything a new facilitator and aerial operator will need to get started. Traditional Low Ropes (permanent and portable initiatives), High Ropes, Zip Lines, Giant Swings, specialty events, Climbing Wall, Facilitation skills, Advanced & Emerging Technologies, Basic & Advanced Rescue Systems.  

For more information, or to reserve your place, email our Director of Training or call us at 828-265-0602 

  • Session 1: October 23-24 (Low Ropes Session)
  • Session 2: October 25-28 (High Ropes Session)
  • Test Day: October 29 
  • Hosted at the Blowing Rock Conference Center in Blowing Rock, NC
  • Facilitated by Challenge Towers Training division
  • Lodging available on property
  • In order to qualify for the certification, full attendance of 1 Low Ropes session, 1 High Ropes session, and Test day is required
  • No prior experience necessary for Level 1
  • Package Deal: Low Ropes Session + High Ropes Session + Test Day for $900

ACCT Accredited Training

Challenge Towers offers a wide variety of training and certification services to support individuals and organizations in the development of safe and effective programs. Built using Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) standards as the foundation, our trainings are designed to meet your operational goals and are delivered by our experienced and ACCT accredited staff.

Site Specific

Challenge Towers will travel to your facility and deliver a custom designed training to meet your staff development goals. Whether a single-day refresher or week long Practitioner Certification, Challenge Towers can aid your organization in more effectively managing risk and more consistently delivering exceptional programs and services.

Open Enrollment

Challenge Towers partners with various facilities throughout the year to provide training and certification courses open to the public. Trainings range from 1 to 5 days in length depending on the course offered and participants have the option to be certified in both low and high ropes skills.

Practitioner Certification

The most critical element to a safe and professional operation is the people you hire. ACCT's Practitioner Certification scheme provides an objective assessment of an individuals skill and ability and compliments good hiring practices. The Practitioner Certification Standards (first published in 2007) outline requirements for Level I, Level II and Challenge Course Manager certifications. Individual tracts are offered in High Course only, Spotted Elements only, Full Course and Site/System Specific Certifications. Each is intended to be transferable to different courses with the exception of the Site Specific certification. Seasoned facilitators have the option to challenge-the-test if they believe their background and experience is sufficient to meet or exceed the standards.

Level I Practitioner Certification

Designed to develop basic technical and facilitation skills, ACCT Level I Practitioner Certification is for individuals new to the industry and those looking to document basic competencies.

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Prior training is not required
  • Must complete 40 hour (4-day) training course
  • Must satisfactorily pass comprehensive written and practical skills test (1-day)
  • Valid First Aid and CPR certifications required
  • 1-year certification renewed annually

Level II Practitioner Certification

Designed to support an advanced level of knowledge and ability, ACCT Level II Practitioner Certification is for lead facilitators and experienced individuals looking to expand their breadth and depth of competencies.

  • Must be 18 or older
  • Must possess Level I Certification or equivalent
  • 200 documented facilitation hours
  • Must complete 40 hour (4-day) training course
  • Must satisfactorily pass comprehensive written and practical skills test (1-day)
  • Valid First Aid and CPR certifications required
  • 3 year certification

Challenge Course Manager

Designed to assist with safe and effective operations, ACCT Challenge Course Managers Certification is for certified facilitators looking to expand their expertise and oversight into administrative realms.

  • Must be 21 or older
  • Must possess Level II Certification or equivalent
  • 500 documented facilitation hours
  • Must complete 30 hour (3-day) training course
  • Must satisfactorily pass comprehensive written and practical skills test (1-day)
  • Valid First Aid and CPR is required
  • 5 year certification